Extending business functionality

Extending business functionality in this section means changes that can be made by on-site administrators that affect the way CloudSuite products function.

Infor Process Automation

Customers can use Infor Process Automation (IPA) to extend business functionality by automating business processes. IPA is delivered with this CloudSuite core and is available to all customers.

Some examples of how IPA can extend business functionality:

  • Save time for your users by automating procedures.

  • Ensure that a complex procedure is performed correctly at your site.

    You can create a process that includes steps (form access, email notifications, other activities) in the order that you want them to be performed. Steps that are dependent on a previous step cannot be performed until the prerequisite step has been completed.

  • Add steps to an infor Lawson procedure that fall outside of Infor Lawson applications.

    For example, to get or verify data from the Web or another source, you can create a process that performs these steps.

Infor Landmark Configuration Console

The Configuration Console can extend business functionality in these ways:

  • Application: Creating business objects (applications)

  • Security: Creating security classes

  • Web Services: Creation of new web services. Web services can be used to enable systems outside of Infor Landmark to view or update Infor Landmark data.

  • Process Designer: Extend the control of business process automation and integrations

  • Request Actions: Automate and process user requests for new application objects

  • Landmark Actions: Extend application functionality by defining entrance and exit rules using external code or services

  • Landmark Scripting: Uses scripting extensions to extend applications

  • Business Classes: Create new business rules, fields, and process flows