Specifying ingredient statements for the label

Ingredient statements are created for formulas using the ingredient statements objects. Ingredient statements can be combined and edited for the label.

  1. Open the Label Content form.
  2. Specify this criteria in the Ingredient Statement tab.

    Define a delimiter between multiple statements. Put it before the next statement.

    Document Code

    Select a document code where the statement text is stored. The values are defined in C_LABELCONTENTISDOCCODE.

    Ingredient Statement

    Select an ingredient statement.

  3. Specify this criteria in the Preview tab.
    Label Ingredient Statement

    Use this section to revise the statement text for this label object only. Save the revised ingredient statement text to a document code for the label content object. Otherwise, clicking Update Preview overwrites the modifications.

  4. Click Update Preview to generate the concatenated text string from the ingredient statement objects. This action overwrites the text box. The Preview is not updated unless you have access to the Ingredient Statement Document Code.