Late Receipts

This widget displays the details of the purchase order lines for which the delivery date has elapsed and the material is yet to arrive. The data is categorized by time periods such as 0 to 7 days, 8 to 14 days and beyond 14+ days upto past 30 days.

You can filter the widget data based on these values:

  • Receipt Count: The total count of late receipt order.
  • Receipt Value: Total receipt order amount is displayed.

The purchase orders that are displayed are filtered by:

  • The Purchase Order Header status. Orders with status In Process are considered.
  • Orders with planned receipt date prior to the current date and past 30 days from the current date
  • Orders for which Actual receipt date is specified.
  • Order Lines for which the Actual Receipt Date is after the Confirmed Receipt Date.
  • Order Lines for which the Actual Receipt Date is after the Planned Receipt Date when Confirmed Receipt Date is not specified.

If you select any color part of the donut chart the purchase order count is displayed. You can also view the total purchase order count in the middle of the donut chart.

Note: You can click on the highlighted color in the donut chart to view the purchase order details in the Purchase Order Fulfillment Workbench (tdpur4601m300) session.