Creating a report starting with data

Use Search to find the columns to build your report. You can also browse the measures and attributes in the subject area to see them. These instructions describe how to create a report starting with a measure.

  1. In Visualizer, locate a measure by one of these methods:
    1. In Search, specify the name of the measure. For example, Line Extended Net Amount.
    2. Select the subject area and then click Measure. Then click the name of the measure, and drill down to the exact data element. You can also drag and drop the measure onto the Canvas.
  2. As you move each measure onto the Canvas, the visualization is built. By default, it creates a column chart. Select Guided Mode to change the visualization to another chart type.
  3. To see details about the measure, hold your mouse over it in the Chart Builder.
  4. To change the properties of a measure, select the measure and then select from the list of options.
  5. To add an attribute, click Subject Area, select the subject area, then click Attributes. As with the measure, drill down and click the exact attribute, or drag and drop it to the Canvas.
  6. Add any other attributes and measures as needed.
  7. When you are finished, click Save, and save to your Shared/Custom Reports folder. You can create a subfolder inside the Custom Reports folder.
    Note: Do not modify or save anything inside Infor-delivered folders. They may be overwritten by changes in the next update.