Vendor Fill Rate Analysis dashboard

Vendor Fill Rate Analysis dashboard

The Vendor Fill Rate Analysis dashboard consists of KPIs for these metrics:

  • Filled Orders
  • # Filled Orders
  • On Time Orders
  • # On Time Orders
  • # of Orders
Note: The arrow trend indicators in this dashboard compare the current year to date (YTD) with the last YTD. If a filter is changed to another year, then the KPI values and trend indicators compare the selected year to its previous year.


  • Top Vendor Fill Rate Order & On Time % by Received Amount
  • Fill Rate by Period
  • Top Product Lines On Time Orders by # of Orders


  • Company
  • Warehouse Name
  • Warehouse ID
  • Vendor #
  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Type
  • Product Line Description
  • Product Line
  • Buyer Name
  • Buyer
  • Warehouse Division
  • Invoice Year (Default value = Current Year)
  • Year/Month
  • Year/Quarter
  • Purchase Order Transaction Type (Default value <> RM)