Sales Summary by Salesrep dashboard

Sales Summary by Salesrep validation dashboard

The Sales Summary by Salesrep dashboard consists of this report:

  • Sales Summary by Salesrep

You can validate sales data by comparing the CloudSuite Distribution SM Sales Analysis Report with this report. Specify these SM Sales Analysis Report options:

Use Which Form (1-19)
Specify type 7.
(D)etail, (S)ummary, (T)otal, or (G)rand
We recommend initially selecting (T)otal to validate the data at a high level. If the data does not match at that level, generate the (D)etail report for a specific customer or salesrep to try to find discrepant orders with the Sales Detail by Customer dashboard and report.

These filters are available in the dashboard to assist with validating the data:

  • Company ID
  • Outside Salesrep
  • Year (Default value = current year)
  • Year/Month