Accounts Receivable

This section lists the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for the Accounts Receivable domain and the calculation used to determine their results.
KPI name KPI calculation
DSO (Days Sales Outstanding)
[ARET.aret_transcode_description] = 'Misc Credit')) / ([oeeh_invoicedt: Sum: oeeh_totinvamt] where (([OEEH.oeeh_stagecd] = 4 or [OEEH.oeeh_stagecd] = 5) AND ([OEEH.oeeh_invoicedt]  >  DateAdd(Day,-365, NOWDATE)))) * 365
AR Open Amount
SUM (aret_Open Amount) by aret_invdt
Invoice Amount
SUM (aret_amount) by aret_invdt
Payment Amount
SUM (aret_paymtamt) by aret_invdt
Late Payments
SUM (aret_late Payments) by aret_invdt
Avg Day to Pay
Total Days to Pay Receivables
AR Overdue Amt
SUM (aret_openmt) where transaction falls between Aging period 1 and Aging period 6
AR Future Amt
SUM (aret_Open Amount) where aret.duedt > CurrentDate
Future Invoices
If ([OEEL.oeel_returnflSUM(openamount) WHERE [AgingSequence] = 6
Total Sales
[Extended Amount] – [Discount Amount]
Discount Taken
Gross Margin Percentage
((([oeel_invoicedt: Sum: Extended_Amount] – [oeel_invoicedt: Sum: Discount_Amount]) – ([oeel_invoicedt: Sum: Extended_Product_Cost] – [oeel_invoicedt: Sum: Rebate_Amount])) / [oeel_invoicedt: Sum: Extended_Amount])*100