Productivity Analysis dashboard

TWL Productivity Analysis dashboard

The Productivity Analysis dashboard consists of these KPIs:

  • #Lines Received - Count of PO Lines Received
  • #Lines Put Away - Count of PO Lines Put Away
  • #Lines Picked - Count of Order Lines Picked
  • #Cycle Counts - Count of Transactions in Cycle Count
  • #Orders Dropped - Count of Orders Dropped
  • #Orders Shipped - Count of Orders Shipped
  • #PO Closed - Count of Purchase Orders Closed
  • #Products Moved - Count of Products Moved to other Warehouse


  • Current vs Month Ago Transactions Count
  • Transactions Count By Warehouse and Trans Type
  • Transactions Count By Employee and Trans Type


  • TWL Transaction Type
  • Warehouse Name
  • TWL Company
  • TWL Transaction Date
  • TWL Transaction Type Description
  • TWL Employee
  • Year
  • Year-Month
  • Year-Quarter