AR dashboard

The AR dashboard includes several Key Performance Indicators (KPI), charts, filters, and reports.

AR dashboard

The AR dashboard consists of KPIs for these metrics:

  • Open AR Balance
  • Total Overdue
  • Invoice Amount
  • Total Invoice Payments
  • Gross Margin Percentage
  • Total Sales
  • Total Late Payments
Note: The arrow trend indicators in this dashboard compare the current year to date (YTD) with the last YTD. If a filter is changed to another year, then the KPI values and trend indicators compare the selected year to its previous year.


  • Sales and Payments by Month
  • Invoice Aging Report
  • Top Customer AR Balance
  • Sales and Payments by Customer
  • Top Sales and Payments by Salesrep


  • Company
  • Customer #
  • Customer Name
  • Warehouse ID
  • Warehouse Name
  • Invoice Year (Default value = Current Year)
  • Year/Quarter
  • Year/Month
  • Sales Product Category
  • Sales Manager
  • Inside Sales Rep Name
  • Outside Salesrep Name
  • Product Line Description
  • Sales Transtype Description
  • Sales Group By 1 (Default value = Company)
  • Sales Group By 2 (Default value = Customer)
  • Sales Measure1 (Default value = Sales)
  • Sales Measure2 (Default value = Cost)
  • Warehouse Product Status
  • ARET Transaction Type (Default value = Invoice)