Updating the extension script

After the raw source is configured, you must add the new extended attribute to the scripted source so it is pushed to the Extension space hierarchy.

  1. In Birst, select the [Tenant]-SX-Dimension-Extension space.
  2. Select Classic Admin.
  3. On the Define Sources tab, select the Manage Sources sub-tab.
  4. In the Data Sources pane, select the script to update. For example, OEEL_Ext.
  5. On the Script tab, complete these steps:
    1. In the Select Statement section, press Ctrl+A to select all text, then Ctrl+C to copy the original query.
    2. Open a text editing application such as Notepad and press Ctrl+P to paste the original query text.
    3. Specify this information to replace the corresponding Null field with the name of the field you are adding:
      Specify the source field name in the format [sourcename.newfieldname]. For example, oeel_extension.netamt.
      In the //CDF column, specify the field type. For example, //CDF Float 01.
      Note: Field types include CDF Float 01 to CDF Float 15, CDF VarChar 01 to CDF VarChar 03, and CDF Integer 01 to CDF Integer 03. These fields work as attributes as well as measures.
  6. Copy the edited text from Notepad into the Data Sources pane from where it was copied.
  7. Click Validate.
    Note: Do not modify the text in the Script section except to add a custom calculation. For example, Column A * Column B.
  8. Click Save.
  9. Process the respective processing group in the Extension space. For example, OEEL.