Dimension-Extension space

The extensibility implementation is a combination of functionality implemented in the Dimension-Extension space and other Distribution Analytics spaces. The Extension Space Package is provided with the Infor Distribution Analytics content and includes all extended sources' hierarchies. This package is consumed into all the Distribution Analytics model and conformed spaces where the corresponding sources are extended by joining to the respective hierarchy. This process is implemented in the respective scripts for the corresponding source.

Before implementation, take these rules into consideration:
  • As the user, you are the owner of the Dimension-Extension space. The Dimension-Extension space is not updated during an update of the Distribution Analytics content.

  • In the Dimension-Extension space, you are responsible for filling custom attributes for a specific dimension using Birst ETL. This also includes, for example, incrementally loading Custom Defined Fields (CDF) from Data Lake or your data source. To automatically load the custom attributes into the data warehouse, the custom attributes must be populated into the Extensibility dimension using the pre-defined format.
  • The Dimension-Extension space contains the Extended dimensions, which are used by the extensibility logic. Extension Source scripts have their own separate Birst hierarchy based on multiple primary keys.

This table shows the fields contained within these hierarchies and the format of extension scripts.

Column Data Type Description
CDF Date 01 to CDF Date 05 Date (10) The five date columns that you can fill for a dimension
CDF DateTime 01 to CDF DateTime 03 DateTime (29) The three datetime columns that you can fill for a dimension
CDF Float 01 to CDF Float 15 Float (19) The fifteen float columns that you can fill for a dimension
CDF Integer 01 to CDF Integer 10 Integer (20) The ten integer columns that you can fill for a dimension
CDF Varchar 01 to CDF Varchar 30 Varchar (300) The thirty string columns that you can fill for a dimension
Note: You are responsible for filling the Extensibility Dimension with the correct data, so the data is extracted by the extensibility related scripts in the other Distribution Analytics spaces.