Updating extension source fields

After you run the extraction workflow, the newly-added fields are displayed in the extension sources. Use these instructions to modify the fields.

Note: Birst automatically assigns the field size and type based on the extracted data. Review the application's definition of the field width and data type and assign those exact values in Birst.
  1. In Birst, select the [Tenant]-SX-Dimension-Extension space.
  2. Select Classic Admin > Define Sources > Manage Sources.
  3. Under Data Sources, select the source to modify.
  4. Select the source object that was modified. For example, oeel_extension.
  5. Verify the column type and width for the field(s).
  6. Select the Lock Type to prevent changes to the attributes.
    Note: Do not change the Hierarchy setting. Also, leave these fields blank: Level, Measure, Analyze Measure, Analyze By Date, Format, and Options. Remove any values in these fields.
  7. To review your data, select the Raw Data tab.
  8. Click Save.