Configuring the extension space to process with the daily incremental extract

  1. In Birst Admin, select Orchestration.
  2. In the list of workflows, hover your mouse over CSD [Version] Analytics Daily Extract and Process and select Actions > Clone Workflow.
  3. Hover your mouse over Copy of CSD [Version] Analytics Daily Extract and Process and click Edit Workflow.
  4. In Step 1, click Add task to step.
  5. In the Task Type drop down, select Extract.
  6. In the Space, select the [Tenant]-SX-Dimension-Extension space.
  7. In Connection, select CSD Infor Data Lake.
  8. In Step 2, select Publish in the Task Type field.
  9. In the Space, select the [Tenant]-SX-Dimension-Extension space.
  10. Under Publishing Group, click Select and select the publishing groups of your extended source groups. Click Ctrl and also select ZZ Update Variables.
    For example, if you have extended OEEL-Ext, then select OEEL and ZZ Update Variables.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Repeat steps 2-11 to clone the CSD [Version] Analytics Weekly Extract and Process workflow.
  13. Enable the same schedule on these two cloned workflows, and disable any unused workflows.
    The weekly workflow runs on Sunday, and the daily workflows run daily, Monday through Saturday.