Creating a workflow to extract the source for the SX-Dimension-Extension

Use these instructions to create a workflow to extract the source, using the oeel_extension object as an example.

  1. Select Modeler > Admin 2.0.
  2. Click Orchestration.
  3. Click Create Workflow.
  4. For Step 1, click Add task to step.
  5. From the Task Type drop down, select Extract.
  6. Next to the Space field, click the icon to view the list of spaces.
  7. Select [Tenant]-SX-Dimension-Extension.
  8. In the Connection field, select CSD Infor Data Lake.
  9. Click Select and then click the extract group in the list. In our example, this is OEEL_EXT.
  10. Assign a name to the workflow and click Save.
  11. Hold your mouse over the new workflow and select Actions > Run Workflow.
You will receive an email indicating if the workflow ran successfully.