Infor Distribution Analytics content provides reports that display a trend for a single KPI, and reports that allow the user to analyze one or several metrics in a chart or a table. Reports showing a trend for a single KPI are referred to as KPI charts and are designed to be used with a dark background. Reports are named according to the displayed KPI and display trend over a month or period.

Distribution Analytics leverages Birst column selectors for attributes and measures to add flexibility and additional options for analysis.

The reports included in Distribution Analytics may cover these topic areas:
  • Accounts Payable

    Open balances, late payments, purchases over selected periods, top vendors

  • Accounts Receivable

    Open customer balances, payments over selected periods, late payments, top customers

  • General Ledger

    Balance sheet and income statement KPI analysis and details

  • Inventory

    Total hits, 12-month turns, inventory summary, usage and hits analysis, surplus analysis, inventory adjustments

  • Purchasing

    Purchasing analysis, purchase order summary, vendor fill rate

  • Sales

    Total revenues, profit, and margins, top customers by sales, sales trends, fill rates, sales manager and salesrep reports

  • Total Warehouse Logistics

    Productivity, picking, receiving, put away, and cycle count analysis, and warehouse productivity and employee productivity summary and detail

  • Warehouse Transfers

    Warehouse transfer analysis, transfer summary, transfer fill rate

  • Homepage Widgets
    • Customer Homepage

      No sales for last 30 days, fill rate for top customers by sales, and number of orders by stage code

    • Purchase Homepage

      Purchase order amount comparison by year, top vendors by fill rate, and number of purchase orders by stage code

    • AR Homepage

      Invoice aging report, balance of top five customers, and open amount of top five delinquent customers

    • AP Homepage

      Invoice aging report, balance of top five vendors, and number of invoices per month and year

    • Executive Homepage

      Warehouse analysis, sales analysis by year and month, profit and loss summary, profit and loss KPIs, balance sheet KPIs, and top 10 warehouse turns

    • Inventory Control Manager

      Top 10 warehouses by short term surplus, top 10 warehouses by long term surplus, inventory efficiency ratio, top 10 warehouses by average inventory, inventory by year and month, and top 10 inventory adjustments by warehouses

    • Customer Scorecard

      Fill rate by year and month, fill rate by customer, sales trend by year and month, top 10 year-to-date sales by product category, customer analysis, customer scorecard, top 10 sales increases by product category, and top 10 sales decreases by product category

  • Content Validation

    Specific points of comparison with similar CloudSuite Distribution reports for content validation purposes, for example, open payables, open receivables, sales by rep, trial balance by GL account, purchase by vendor, inventory turnover, and inventory trial balance