Sales rep budget data

The Sales Rep Budget data model uses the SalesRepBudget.csv file as input for monthly sales rep budgets. The default file format is downloaded from the Infor Distribution Analytics Download Salesrep Budget File dashboard. The data in the file can be modified in a spreadsheet application, such as Excel, to suit your budget and then uploaded to the Raw Source space.

In the file, Sales, Cost, and Margin contain the budgeted values for sales reps. Budgetdt contains the date for the budgets; it is commonly the last date of each month of the year for each sales rep.

This table shows the format of SalesRepBudget.csv with sample records.
company slsrep budgetdt Sales Cost Margin
1000 1 1/31/2019 2,821.36 1,270.50 1,609.56
1000 1 2/28/2019 3,087.96 1,473.50 1,677.48
1000 2 1/31/2019 4,832.91 830.77 4,180.72
1000 2 2/28/2019 894.15 260.69 658.26