User groups

Infor Distribution Analytics Content is delivered with predefined user groups that restrict the user's access to models, reports, and dashboards. Infor Distribution Analytics provides these standard groups:

  • Birst-SystemAdministrator
  • SXBIRST-Consumer-Administrator
  • SXBIRST-Model-Administrator
  • SXBIRST-User
  • SX-BIRST-AccountsPayable
  • SX-BIRST-AccountsReceivable
  • SX-BIRST-GeneralLedger
  • SX-BIRST-InventoryControl
  • SX-BIRST-KitProduction
  • SX-BIRST-OrderEntry
  • SX-BIRST-Purchasing
  • SX-BIRST-SalesManager
  • SX-BIRST-SalesManagerExecutive
  • SX-BIRST-ValueAdd
  • SX-BIRST-WarehouseManager
  • SX-BIRST-WarehouseTransfer

Users assigned to security roles in Infor OS Portal or Infor Ming.le automatically become members of the corresponding group in Birst. When users are assigned to a user role in Infor OS Portal or Infor Ming.le User Management, the SecurityUserMaster BOD is sent to Birst to automatically update the Birst User and Space Group.

When you are signed in, you have access to view data within the context of your user group. The exception is Birst Administrators who can view all data.

The SX-BIRST-Model-Administrator group only has access to all Model spaces; it does not have access to dashboards or reports.