Follow these requirements when you update and save the .csv files according to your General Ledger accounting structure:
  • Do not change the file names.
  • Do not change the column headings or reorder the columns in the files.
  • Do not change the LevelReportCode.

    LevelReportCodes are used for calculating KPIs. If they are changed, those hierarchy elements may not get counted on KPIs. If you add an element into an existing hierarchy, use the LevelReportCode of the ParentID. For example, if you add an element to the Fixed Assets hierarchy, assign the LevelReportCode for Fixed Assets to this new element. Using the examples in the table shown in Balance sheet hierarchy levels, this would be Bal_Fix_Asst.

  • Ensure Object IDs are unique and their respective Parent ID is valid.
  • Review the SortOrder for each element.

    The SortOrder defines the sorting order of balance sheet and income statement elements. If you do not specify the SortOrder, the default sort order is alphabetic.

  • Save each file as .csv before importing the file to the Birst space.

Within each file, new hierarchies can be added, and existing titles and object IDs can be modified or deleted.