Access to modules and features

Within each Space Group, access can also be limited to certain Birst modules and functions.

The Birst-SystemAdministrator and SXBirst-Consumer-Administrator has access to Designer, Visualizer, and Smart Analytics. These roles are also able to perform these tasks in Birst:
  • Edit dashboards
  • Modify saved expressions
  • Edit the Report Catalog
  • Exploring in Visualizer
  • Enable bookmarks
  • Disable Copy Dashboards & Reports option
All Infor Distribution Analytics security roles are allowed to perform these tasks in Birst:
  • Export reports as PDF or other file formats (download is enabled)
  • Share reports using notification emails (self-scheduling is enabled)
  • Use bookmarks to save a view of your dashboard (bookmarks are enabled)

You can change the default permissions in Space Management > Space Groups in the Birst Admin module.