Model spaces

Model spaces contain transformed data, including facts and dimensions.

If you load data into Birst from the Infor Data Lake or other sources, the model spaces contain all the data loaded over time. The data is in a structure suitable for analytics. As new versions of the content are released by Infor, the model spaces are updated.

These are the model spaces include in the Infor Distribution Analytics content:
  • CSD-Model-AP
  • CSD-Model-AR
  • CSD-Model-GL
  • CSD-Model-IC
  • CSD-Model-Purchase
  • CSD-Model-Sales

Each model space contains a data model of facts and dimension tables specific to that domain.

The connections for an operational reporting solution that accesses a database directly are defined in the model spaces.

The data in the model spaces can be used in other spaces with Birst Network BI functionality. For example, conformed dimensions are linked to facts from other spaces. Then both are used in consumer spaces on reports.