Managing users and security

Access to data in Birst can be secured and customized based on user role. Account Administrators create and manage user accounts. Space Administrators assign users to groups and grant them permission to perform various activities in a space.

There are several procedures that you can use to configure security. You can add users to a space, share space to users, create user groups, and configure folder security.

Birst provides these four main types of application security and user access features:

  • User groups

    Create multiple groups with varying rights and privileges. Users can be assigned to these groups.

  • Report/Dashboard security

    Lock down access to the reports and dashboards through group access controls.

  • Subject Area Access through Custom Subject Areas

    Customize views of attribute columns and measures. This feature is useful to make the application more accessible to business users and restricting access to certain data elements.

  • Data-level security through data security filters

    Restrict access to specific sets of data rows in the application. This feature is based on a highly flexible and robust model for securing attribute and measure data.

For more information about the application security and user access features, see the Birst Online Help.