Fiscal period map

A company with a 13-period fiscal year can enable reporting on accurate fiscal data in the GL and Sales domains of CloudSuite Distribution Analytics. Use the FiscalPeriodsMap.csv file as input to set your company's fiscal year structure.

Download the default file format from the CloudSuite Distribution Analytics General Ledger Account Mapping File Downloads dashboard. Modify the fiscal year data in a spreadsheet application, such as Excel, to suit your company's fiscal year structure. The fiscal year structure of your company is defined in Distribution SX.e in SA Administrator Options-Financials-Fiscal Year and SA Administrator Options-Financials-Period Structure. Upload the updated file to the raw source space in Birst. Then, the period end dates for the first twelve periods are reflected in the time dimension mapping in the Sales and GL domains.

This table shows the format of the FiscalPeriodsMap.csv with sample fiscal year specifications. This sample displays fiscal months 1 through 3, although the file contains fiscal months 1 through 13. The .csv file, when first accessed, is empty and contains only the column headings.
cono year prioryear_fiscalEndDate fiscalmonth_1 fiscalmonth_2 fiscalmonth_3
1 2018 3/2/2018 3/30/2018 5/4/2018
1 2019 1/31/2018 2/28/2019 3/28/2019 5/1/2019