Navigation icons

This table shows the icons you can use to navigate Storeroom Mobile.

Icon Description
../images/image1.png Menu. Tap this icon to open and close the menu.
../images/image2.png Open and close. Tap these icons to open and close menu items.
../images/image3.png More. Tap this icon to view additional buttons, settings, and options that may not be displayed on a smaller device.
../images/image4.png Left arrow. Tap this icon to return to the previous screen. If the screen does not contain a Save or Update button, changes you made to the screen are saved when you tap this icon.
../images/image5.png Right arrow. Tap this icon to open a record.
../images/image6.png Lookup. Tap this icon to access the lookup window. Lookups are not available offline.
camera_icon_soho Camera. Tap this icon to scan a barcode with your device's camera.