Performing a count in Quick Entry online

Before you perform a count in Quick Entry, print the count sheet.

  1. In online mode, tap Menu > Cycle Count > Quick Entry.
  2. Specify the warehouse and run that is listed on the count sheet, and then tap Continue.
  3. Tap New.
  4. Scan or manually specify the product, and then specify the counted quantity.

    If you enter the product manually, specify the customer part number as it is printed on the count sheet. Otherwise, the item is flagged as unmatched when you edit the draft on the Count Entry Lines screen.

  5. If the product is shown as unavailable on the count sheet, select the Unavailable option.
  6. Tap Next to enter the next product, or tap Update when you are finished entering products.
  7. Tap Save Draft.
    The Cycle Count Draft screen opens.
  8. Tap the right arrow to open the run.
  9. Tap Continue.
  10. Correct any unmatched items.
  11. Tap Count Complete.
  12. After you receive email confirmation of the count complete process, tap Submit.
  13. If the count was a burn-off, tap the Is this burnoff? option.
  14. Specify the email address of the person who should receive email confirmation of the submit process.
  15. Tap Submit.