Counting products

Use the Cycle Count module to perform physical or cycle counts when you are online or offline. You must run the Cycle Count Report in Storeroom or the Product Entry Storeroom Count Report in Distribution SX.e before you perform any count in Storeroom Mobile.

When you are online, you can use Count Entry to look up run numbers, count products, and complete and submit the count to Distribution SX.e. You can also store a run as a draft when you are online, and then perform the counts when you are online or offline.

You can use Quick Entry to scan or manually enter products and counts, based on a printed count sheet. You do not store the run on the device before performing the count. You must enter the products in the order that they are listed on the count sheet. You can only specify the counted quantity and identify unavailable products. If your inventory includes serial and lot products, you can update the serial and lot information, and correct other errors, from Count Entry Draft.

When you perform a count, the record is automatically saved each time you update a line item. You can also tap Save to save your work to Storeroom or Save Draft to save your work to your device at any time.