Shipping and submitting a warehouse transfer online

  1. In online mode, tap Warehouse Transfer on the Home screen.
  2. Specify this information on the Initialization screen:
    Specify the warehouse that will receive the transfer.
    Warehouse Transfer #
    Specify the number of the warehouse transfer.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. To ship all lines on the warehouse transfer as complete without reviewing each line and verifying the quantity, tap Ship as Complete and then tap Submit.
  5. To review an individual line, tap the right arrow to open the line.
  6. If the actual quantity to ship does not equal the value in the Shipped field, specify the correct value in the Shipped field.
  7. If the product is a serial-controlled product that is assigned serial numbers at receiving:
    1. Tap Serials.
    2. Tap New to specify serial number information.
  8. If the product is a lot-controlled product:
    1. Tap Lots.
    2. Tap New to specify lot number information.
  9. Tap Update.
  10. Process the remaining lines on the transfer.
  11. Tap Submit.