Entering an issue

  1. In online or offline mode, tap Issue on the Home screen.
  2. Specify the information on the Initialize screen, and then tap Continue. Optionally, tap Notes to add a note to the issue.
  3. Specify the product.
  4. Specify the requested quantity and the issued quantity .
    If the issued quantity is the same as the requested quantity, tap the Issued field to populate the field.
  5. If the requested quantity is greater than the available quantity, tap Yes to submit a backorder.
  6. If the product is a serial-controlled product:
    1. Tap Serials.
    2. Select serial numbers from the grid, or tap New to specify serial number information.
  7. If the product is a lot-controlled product:
    1. Tap Lots.
    2. Tap the right arrow to open a lot record that is listed in the grid.
    3. Specify a quantity, or tap New to specify lot number information.
  8. Tap Add to add the product to the issue.
  9. Tap Submit or Save Draft.