Screens, modules, and menu items

The Storeroom Mobile application contains these screens, modules, and menu items:

  • Home

    Use the Home screen to access Storeroom Mobile functions, the menu, and theme settings. The Home screen is displayed after you sign in to the application.

  • My Account

    Use the My Account menu item to select a default language, activate the camera barcode scanner, and sign out of the application. The User ID and Customer Number that you specified to sign in to the application are displayed in this menu item.

  • Configuration

    Use the Configuration menu item to select fields to include on the Issues, Cycle Count Entry, and Cycle Count Quick Entry screens.

  • Issues

    Use the Issues module to enter issues.

  • Returns

    Use the Returns module to enter returns.

  • PO Receipts

    Use the PO Receipts module to receive purchase orders.

  • Warehouse Transfers

    Use the Warehouse Transfers to ship and receive warehouse transfers.

  • Cycle Count

    Use the Cycle Counts module to perform physical and cycle counts.

  • Inquiry

    Use the Inquiry module to access details about products.

  • System

    Use the System menu item to view information about , such as version, build, and database information, or clear lookup history.