Reviewing a count performed in Quick Entry

A draft that was created in Quick Entry is compared to the corresponding run when you access the saved draft in the online mode. If an item that you entered in Quick Entry does not match the run, it is identified as an unmatched item. These issues result in unmatched items:

  • The customer part number does not match the customer product record, to include spaces. Case does not affect unmatched items. For example, you can specify PRODUCT-1 for Product-1.
  • The items that were entered in Quick Entry were not entered in the order that they are listed on the printed count sheet.
  • The item is unavailable, but the Unavailable option was not selected in Quick Entry.

Unmatched items are displayed in the Unmatched Draft Items grid when you open the draft. The items from the run are shown in the Cycle Count Items grid. Use the unmatched items to determine which items to edit in the run. For example, Product 1 is identified as an unmatched item. The correct customer part number, Product-1, is included in the run. Apply the Product 1 count to Product-1.

If an item from Quick Entry does not correspond to a item on the run, you can ignore it. It is not included when you submit the count as complete or import the count in Storeroom.

  1. In online mode, tap Menu > Cycle Count > Draft.
  2. Tap the right arrow to open the run.
  3. Tap Continue.
  4. If an unmatched line item corresponds to an item in the run, perform these steps:
    1. Tap the right arrow to edit the item.
    2. Perform the correction.

      If the product is a serial or lot product, you can assign control numbers.

    3. Tap Update.
  5. Review the Qty Counted column in the Cycle Count Items grid to ensure that each item in the run was counted.
  6. Tap Save or Save Draft.