Shipping and receiving warehouse transfers

Use the Warehouse Transfers module to process warehouse transfers when you are online or offline. When you are online, you can search for a warehouse transfer, ship or receive products, and immediately submit the warehouse transfer to Distribution SX.e. When you are offline, you must specify information manually and save the warehouse transfer as a draft.

You can also store warehouse transfers as drafts when you are online, and then process the drafts when you are online or offline. If you store a warehouse transfer as a draft, you are not required to enter each line manually when you are offline.

You must be online to submit drafts. All drafts for warehouse transfers are listed on the Draft Warehouse Transfer screen until they are submitted or deleted.

If a warehouse transfer is successfully submitted for shipment or receipt, the warehouse transfer number is displayed. If a warehouse transfer contains an error, the error is displayed. You must correct the error and then resubmit.

You can ship warehouse transfers that are in the Ordered or Picked stage. You can receive warehouse transfers that are in the Shipped stage.

You must create warehouse transfers in Distribution SX.e. You can transfer inventory from a Storeroom-managed warehouse or a distributor’s warehouse. If you transfer inventory from distributor’s warehouse, you can only receive the warehouse transfer in Storeroom Mobile. You must ship the warehouse transfer in Distribution SX.e.

If products are transferred between Storeroom-managed warehouses and the receiving warehouse is set up to automatically receive transfers, the warehouse transfer is shipped and received in one step.

You cannot automatically ship or receive warehouse transfers that contain include these products:

  • Serial-controlled products
  • Lot-controlled products