Manually transferring stock between Storeroom warehouses

Use these instructions to manually transfer customer- or distributor-owned products from one Storeroom-managed warehouse to another. This is an alternate method to using the Transfer Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report to determine replenishment needs, or creating a transfer in Transfer Entry. Use the Whse Availability tab in Product Inquiry in Storeroom to view available quantities of a product in all warehouses.

If you manually transfer serial- and lot-controlled products, they must be the same control type in both warehouses. Additionally, for a serial-controlled product, the receiving setting in Product Warehouse Product Setup or SA Administrator Options must be the same in both warehouses. Both warehouses must assign serial numbers during receiving or both warehouses must assign serial numbers at sale.

If the warehouses assign serial numbers during receiving, the serial numbers transfer. Before the transfer is submitted, the serial numbers are validated to prevent the To Warehouse from receiving a duplicate, active serial number. The To Warehouse cannot change serial numbers after the transfer is received. Similarly, the lot numbers transfer to the To Warehouse and cannot be changed by the To Warehouse.

If the control types do not match in both warehouses, you must perform a warehouse transfer in WT Ship/Receive. This function creates an inventory control transaction, not a warehouse transfer transaction, that can be viewed in Product Inquiry-Transactions in Distribution SX.e.

See Shipping a warehouse transfer in Storeroom.

  1. In Storeroom, select Inventory Movement > Transfer.
  2. Specify the From Warehouse in the Warehouse field.
  3. Click New.
  4. Specify the product to transfer.
  5. Specify the To Warehouse.
  6. Specify inventory type.
  7. Specify the quantity to transfer.
  8. If the product is lot-controlled product or a serial-controlled product that is assigned serial numbers at receiving, assign control numbers.
    1. Click the Serials or Lots button.
    2. Use the lookup to specify control numbers.
    3. Click Accept after you have entered the expected amount.
  9. Optionally, click New to another product to the transfer.
  10. Click Submit.