Entering a return

You can submit the return when you create it. You can also save the return as a draft and submit it at a later date.

See Saving issues and returns as drafts.

If you use a scanner when you enter a return, you can use an optional workflow that reduces manual tabbing.

See Rapid Issue Entry.

  1. In Storeroom, select Issues & Returns > Return.
  2. Complete the fields in the header section.

    See Entering an issue for details.

  3. To add a product to the return:
    1. Specify the product.
    2. Specify the returned quantity.
    3. If the product is a serial- or lot-controlled product, click the Serials or Lots button and then select the control number of the product. Click Accept after you have entered the expected amount.
    4. Optionally, specify the Department and Machine. If a value was specified in the header, the same value is displayed on the line. You can change the value, or clear the field.
    5. Optionally, specify the order to which the product is tied. The Issue/Order lookup shows a list of invoiced orders for the selected customer/ship to, warehouse, and product.
    6. Specify the Restocking Fee and Restocking Type. You can override the default values. To eliminate the restocking fee, specify 0.
    7. Optionally, select Create PO to create a return merchandise purchase order (PO RM) to return the product to the vendor. Specify the Vendor. Optionally, specify a Product Line.
    8. Specify the Inventory Type.
    9. Specify a Charge #, if applicable.
    10. Change the Taxable option, if applicable.
    11. Optionally, specify values for user-defined fields that were set up for the warehouse.
  4. To add a comment to a line, select the line and click Comments.
  5. To add a note to the issue, click Notes.
  6. Click Submit.