Reviewing recommended order quantities for distributor-owned products

This workflow outlines the process for reviewing recommended replenishment quantities for distributor-owned products.

  1. In Distribution SX.e, run the Purchase Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report for the selected Storeroom warehouse. Check the customer On Hand balances and Critical flag to ensure that the order quantities are appropriate.

    You can run the Purchase Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report from Purchase Demand Center Entry or the POE Reports function in the Purchase module.

  2. In the Purchase Demand Center Entry, open a report to review the line items. To view quantities that are unavailable because they require inspection, open the line item. The information is displayed on the Extended Information tab.

    Unavailable products that require inspection are included in the recommended order quantity if one of these values is selected in the Include Unavail Reason Quantity field on the warehouse product record:

    • Purchase Order RRAR
    • Both

    A warning is displayed if unavailable quantities are included.

  3. Run the merge process in Purchase Entry RRAR Merge Process Report to print purchase orders.

See detailed directions for each function in the online help.