Inquiring on orders in Distribution SX.e

You can view sales orders for Storeroom issues in Sales Order Inquiry. You can also inquire on transactions for distributor or customer-owned inventory in Product Inquiry.

  1. In Distribution SX.e, select Sales > Inquiry > Order.
  2. Specify the order number, if known, or conduct a search to find the sales order to view.
  3. Click Line Detail to view all lines on the order. If an issue line used both customer- and distributor-owned quantities, two separate lines are listed. Locate the Inventory Type column to see whether the line consists of customer- or distributor-owned inventory.
  4. If a line item is a serial- or lot-controlled product, click the drill down icon for line, and then click Serial or Lot.
  5. Select Product > Inquiry > Product.
  6. Specify the product and warehouse, and then click Search.
  7. Click Transactions.
  8. Select Distributor Owned or Customer Owned, and then click Search to view the transactions for the selected inventory type.