Replenishing permanent C products

To produce a report of recommended purchase quantities for permanent C products within customer warehouses, run the Purchase Entry Customer Owned Purchase Report. This report is similar to the Purchase Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report. It uses the ordering controls from Product Warehouse Product Setup to recommend ordering quantities. In Storeroom, you can receive against the requisition lines that are created by the Purchase Entry Customer Owned Purchase Report.

The Purchase Entry Customer Owned Purchase Report updates the customer On Order quantity in Product Warehouse Product Setup-Costs with the recommended order quantity for each product that qualifies for replenishment. A record is also created in Customer Product ‘PO’ Edit. The record is included in the Open PO/WTs tab in Product Inquiry in Storeroom with a Type of req.

The Purchase Entry Customer Owned Purchase Report is usually printed to the printer set up in the Storeroom warehouse. The customer can use it to order product through their ERP system.

A customer user with the correct security role can perform these actions in Customer Product ‘PO’ Edit in Storeroom:

  • Add, modify, or remove products
  • Change recommended quantities

Any changes update the customer On Order quantity in Product Warehouse Product Setup-Costs.

When the product is received from the vendor, warehouse personnel use Customer Product Receipts in Storeroom to record the actual received quantities of product.

See Receiving customer-owned products on a requisition.

When a product is received, the customer On Order balance is decreased and the customer Received balance is increased. If the received quantity is less than the recommended order quantity, and the Comp flag is selected on the line, no additional stock is expected. If the line is not marked as complete, the Receipt record remains open, because a back order may be open in the customer’s ERP system.

If Fill Back Orders is selected in the Action to take on Completion of Receiving field in SA Administrator Options-Documents-Sales Orders-Back Orders, the Sales Entry Processing Back Order Fill Report runs. The Allocation/Fill Report and Receipts Report print in the Storeroom warehouse. If a back order is filled during the receiving process, the back order is automatically shipped. The purchase order that is created when a product is added to the purchase report creates a D-type inventory transaction record. The transaction can be viewed in Product Inquiry-Transactions in Distribution SX.e. The manually-created PO number is shown in the Reference field in the Details section.

If the customer does not purchase any recommended order quantities, they must receive zero quantity in the Receipts function and mark the line as complete.