Maintaining an issue

You can maintain an order only if the issuing warehouse uses the maintenance workflow. If a back order was created when an order is picked, then the original order and the back order are simultaneously available for editing until you ship the original order. When both the original order and back order are available, you must maintain the back order to edit a back-ordered line. This practice ensures that Storeroom and Distribution SX.e maintain synchronization.

See Maintaining a back order.

You can print purchase orders that are tied to an order. Select the order and then click the Print PO button to email, fax, or print the purchase order. You can also submit the purchase order through EDI. The value that is selected in the Print PO window is based on the vendor's preferred output method for purchase orders.

To cancel changes that you made to an order, click the back arrow to return the list of orders. You cannot cancel the changes after you submit the order.

  1. Select Issues & Returns > Maintenance.
  2. Click the drill down icon to open the sales order to maintain.
  3. Maintain the order as required. You can perform these edits:
    • Change the requested ship date and promise date in the header.
    • Add or delete a line for a stock or nonstock product.
    • Update an existing line for a stock.
    • Update an existing line for a nonstock product. You can change the requested quantity, distributor cost, and promise date. If the line was not previously tied to a PO or WT, then you can source the nonstock from a vendor or warehouse.
    • Source lines that were not previously sourced.
    • Remove a sourcing from a stock product line.
    • Edit serial and lot information.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. If you changed a date in the header, then select one of these options in the Flush Requested Shipping and Promised Dates, and then click OK in the window.
    • All Lines
    • Stock Lines Only
  6. To exit the page, click Back to return to the list of submitted orders that have not shipped.
  7. If you performed an update to a sourced product line that affects the source document, then you must manually update the tied purchase order or warehouse transfer in Distribution SX.e.