Managing surplus

You can use these tools to monitor distributor-owned stock in a Storeroom-managed warehouse:

  • Product Availability Inquiry-Whse Avail: View product quantities for a specific product in all warehouses.
  • Product Surplus Stock Report: Run this report to print a list of products with short- and long-term surplus.
  • Purchase Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report or Transfer Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report: Select the Whse Surplus option to include product surplus on the report.

When surplus is calculated, product quantities that are unavailable pending inspection are included. Regrind products, which are customer-owned, and customer-owned on hand quantities are not included.

When you run a Recommended Replenishment Action Report to view surplus, Storeroom-managed warehouses with customer-owned products only are not included on the report.

When you run the Transfer Entry Recommended Replenishment Action Report to view surplus, these conditions are also considered:

  • The originating and destination warehouses must be assigned to the same customer or be in the same warehouse group.
  • If a destination warehouse is not Storeroom-managed, no surplus is shown for the Storeroom-managed warehouse.
  • If the originating warehouse is not Storeroom-managed but the destination warehouse is Storeroom-managed, surplus from the originating warehouse is shown.
  • Stock in a consigned warehouse, which is warehouse that is assigned to a customer but is not Storeroom-managed, is never considered for surplus.