Permanent C products

Products that are always stocked and replenished by the customer are identified as permanent customer-owned or permanent C products. These products may be unique and often cannot be sourced by you at a lower cost than by the customer.

Even though you do not replenish or stock these products for the customer, you can track their usage and make replenishment recommendations. For example, you can recommend what products to order, when to order, and what quantity to order.

You can identify Permanent C products in Product Warehouse Product Setup. You must select the Customer Owned option, and select Vendor as the Authorized Replenishment Path (ARP) type.

When a sales order is created for a customer-owned product, quantities are deducted from customer-owned balances only, but can be backordered. Any transfer of permanent C products from one Storeroom warehouse to another is recorded in the Adjustment function in Storeroom Inventory Movement.