Inspecting and releasing unavailable products

When a product that is designated as Unavailable with a reason of Inspection is received in a Storeroom warehouse, the product must be inspected. After it is approved for release to inventory, you must move it to Available inventory to update the balances. When you release customer-owned inventory, the customer On Hand and Unavailable balances are updated. When you release distributor-owned inventory, the regular On Hand and Unavailable balances are updated.

When you receive a product that is flagged as Receive as Unavailable in Product Warehouse Product Setup-Storeroom, Unavailable is selected in Storeroom Purchase Order Receipt.

If a product did not pass inspection, you can return the product to the vendor.

See Vendor returns.

Use these instructions to release inspected products to available inventory.

  1. Select Receipts > Receiving > PO Receipt.
  2. Receive the products. Select Inspection and specify an unavailable reason in the Reason field.
  3. Place the products that require inspection in the Storeroom area dedicated for this purpose, and notify the appropriate personnel.
  4. If the product passes inspection, select Inventory Movement > Move to Available.
  5. Specify the warehouse.
  6. Click New.
  7. Specify the product and inventory type.
  8. If the product is lot-controlled product or a serial-controlled product that is assigned serial numbers at receiving, indicate the control numbers of the available products.
    1. Click the Serials or Lots button.
    2. Use the lookup to specify the control numbers.
    3. Click Accept after you have entered the expected amount.
  9. Specify the Reason the product was unavailable.
    The quantities that are allocated to each unavailable reason are listed in the lookup.
  10. Click Submit.

    The unavailable quantity for this product is decreased by the Quantity to Available amount, and the Net Available is increased in both Storeroom and Distribution SX.e.