Maintaining a back order

If a back order was created when an order is picked, the original order and the back order are simultaneously available for editing until you ship the original order. When both the original order and back order are available, you can maintain the original order to add new lines or edit lines that were not back-ordered. You must maintain the back order to edit a back-ordered line. This practice ensures that Storeroom and Distribution SX.e maintain synchronization.

To cancel changes that you made to an order, click the back arrow to return the list of back orders.
  1. In Storeroom, select Issues & Returns > Back Order.
  2. Click the drill down icon to open the sales order.
  3. Click Edit, and then perform one of these maintenance tasks:
    • To add a stock product, specify the product in the Product field and the requested quantity.
    • To update the requested quantity for an existing stock product, specify the new value in the Requested field.
    • To add a nonstock product, click Nonstock. Complete the required fields. To source the nonstock from a vendor, ensure that Create PO is selected. To add the nonstock to an existing purchase order, specify the vendor and the purchase order. To create a new PO, specify the vendor only. To source the nonstock from a warehouse, select Create WT. Click Accept to add the nonstock the back order. To ship the product directly to the customer from the warehouse or vendor, Create DO.
    • To change an existing nonstock, click the drill down icon to open the line. You can edit the requested quantity, distributor cost, and promise date. If the line was not previously tied to a PO or WT, you can source the nonstock from a vendor or warehouse. You cannot change an existing source document to a direct order.
  4. Click Submit.
    If you performed an update to a sourced product that affects the source document, you must manually update the tied purchase order or warehouse transfer in Distribution Storeroom to reflect the change.