Notes and comments

During issue entry, you can click the Notes button to create a note that is attached to an issue. This note can be viewed as a global order note in the Note context application in Infor Ming.le.

A global order note is automatically generated for each issue to record header information such as employee, department, work order number, project, and machine.

See Storeroom issue information on sales orders

The Auto Generated Notes and SR Manual Notes options in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom determine whether manual or auto-generated notes are printed and on what documents. Additionally, when you create a manual note for an issue, you can select Print Notes in the Note window. Only the documents that are selected for printing in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom, pick ticket or invoice, include the manual note when they are printed.

You can also add a comment to a line during issue entry. The comment is saved as a printed comment in Distribution SX.e and can be displayed on the pick ticket and invoice.