Auto-ship workflow

In the auto-ship workflow, a sales order is created in Distribution SX.e when you submit an issue in Storeroom. You cannot maintain the issue or the sales order after the issue is submitted. To change the product or quantity or resolve other issues on a submitted issue, you must create a new order. You cannot unship or cancel an order that was placed in a Storeroom-managed warehouse.

These steps outline the auto-ship workflow:

  1. An issue is created in Storeroom.
  2. Optionally, pick tickets are printed in Storeroom.

    The pick tickets are printed using a printer that is available through your web browser. Printing pick tickets does not affect the issue or the sales order after it is created.

  3. The issue is submitted to Distribution SX.e.

    The issue cannot be edited after it is submitted.

  4. A corresponding sales order is created in Distribution SX.e.

    It is automatically shipped and placed in Stage 3-Shipped. The order cannot be edited. A back order is created, if required.

  5. The sales order is invoiced in Distribution SX.e using the Sales Entry Invoice Processing Report.