Sales order maintenance

If the issuing warehouse used the maintenance workflow, you can maintain a sales order for stock and nonstock products in Storeroom before it is submitted to Distribution SX.e.

If a back order was created when an order is picked, the original order and the back order are simultaneously available for editing until you ship the original order. When both the original order and back order are available, you must maintain the back order to edit a back-ordered line. This practice ensures that Storeroom and Distribution SX.e maintain synchronization.

See Back order maintenance.

When you are editing an order, be aware of these conditions and restrictions:

  • If a back order was created for a line, the Back Order option is selected. When you change the requested quantity to an amount that is less than or equal to the available quantity, the Back Order option for the line item is cleared.
  • When you delete the last line from an order and then save the order, it is canceled in Storeroom.
  • You cannot unship an order in a Storeroom-managed warehouse in Storeroom or Distribution SX.e.
  • You cannot ship an order when the lines have no quantities issued. A Cannot Process, Total Qty Shipped = 0 error occurs.
  • You cannot ship an order if serial or lot assignment is required.