Serial- and lot-controlled kit products

A prebuilt kit product can be set up as a serial- or lot-controlled product in Product Warehouse Product Setup. If the kit meets one of these requirements, you must assign a control number when the kit is received in Storeroom:

  • The kit is a lot-controlled product.
  • The kit is a serial-controlled product that is assigned a serial number during receiving.

This procedure varies, depending on SA Administrator Options and Product Warehouse Product Setup settings in Distribution SX.e.

This table shows serial and lot number assignment that is required to receive kits in Storeroom:

Serial or lot When assigned

How to assign for this function

Lot Receiving Specify an existing number or enter a new number.
Serial Receiving Specify a new number.
Serial Sale Assignment is not required.
Note: You cannot change the open date or expire date for an existing lot.

If a Storeroom kit product contains serial- or lot-controlled components, you must assign the control numbers in Distribution SX.e before the work order is printed.