Receiving customer-owned products on a requisition

Use these instructions to receive customer-owned products in Storeroom that meet this criteria:

  • Recommended for purchase on the Purchase Entry Customer Owned Purchase Report
  • Ordered on a purchase order that was processed in the customer’s ordering system, not Distribution SX.e

If Fill Back Orders is selected in the Action to take on Completion of Receiving field in SA Administrator Options-Documents-Sales Orders-Back Orders, the Sales Entry Processing Back Order Fill Report runs automatically as part of the receiving process. The Allocation/Fill Report and Receipts Report print in the Storeroom warehouse. If a back order is filled by the receiving process, the back order is automatically shipped.

If you changed the product’s customer-owned status after a requisition was submitted, you can still use these instructions to receive the product. Customer-owned inventory amounts are correctly updated by the received quantity.

  1. In Storeroom, select Receipts > Receiving > Customer Product Receipt.
  2. Specify the Customer Receipt number.

    This value is the report number created when the Purchase Entry Customer Owned Purchase Report was run, preceded by the warehouse number. For example, for warehouse 100: 100-897.

  3. Optionally, specify Packing List and Receive Date.
  4. If one of these conditions is met, click Receive as Complete and then Submit:
    • You received all quantities that were ordered.
    • You did not receive all quantities, but you want to mark each line as complete and close the PO when you click Submit.

    If these conditions exist, you cannot receive the order as complete:

    • Products must be received as unavailable or require inspection.
    • Serial or lot numbers are required.

    If you do not receive the order as complete, continue to the next step.

  5. To receive a line item:
    1. Specify the quantity received.
    2. Optionally, change the cost.
    3. Optionally, select these options:
      Select this option to require an inspection of this product before receiving is complete and Distribution SX.e is updated. Select this option if Unavail is selected for the line.
      Select this option to receive this line item as unavailable. You must also specify an unavailable reason in the Reason field. If the product is serial- or lot-controlled and you want to receive a portion of the line item as unavailable, only specify the unavailable reason. If this option is selected when you open the line, the product is flagged as Received as Unavailable in Product Warehouse Product Setup-Storeroom.
      Select this option if this line is complete.
    4. If the product is lot-controlled product, assign control numbers:
      1. Click Lots.
      2. Click New to specify new or existing control numbers.

        Specify lot numbers and quantity. Optionally, specify the bin location, unavailable quantity, open date, and expire date. You cannot change the open date or expire date for an existing lot.

        If Unavail is selected when you open the line, you do not have to specify the quantity unavailable when assigning the products to lots. Storeroom automatically receives the products as unavailable.

      3. Click Accept after you entered the expected amount.
    5. If the product is a serial-controlled product that is assigned serial numbers at receiving, assign control numbers:
      1. Click Serials.
      2. Click New to specify new or existing control numbers.

        Specify a serial number for each product. Optionally, specify a bin location and include a comment. Select Unavail to receive the product as unavailable.

      3. Click Accept after you entered the expected amount.
  6. After you are done receiving lines, click Submit.