Inquiring on orders in Storeroom

You can use Product Inquiry to view orders for a specific product, or access Issues & Returns to view open backorders in the Storeroom warehouse.

  1. In Storeroom, select Inquiries > Product Inquiry.

    Only active records are displayed. To view inactive records, change the filter in the Active column. The Customer Qty and Distributor Qty columns are not displayed by default. You must use Column Personalization to make them visible.

  2. Search for the product record, and then click the drill down icon.

    The status of the Customer Product record, in conjunction with the Customer Product Warehouse record, determines if a warehouse record is displayed in the grid. If the Customer Product record is inactive, the Customer Product Warehouse records are not displayed even if the warehouse record is active. If the Customer Product record is active, a Customer Product Warehouse record displays only if the warehouse record is active.

  3. Click one of these tabs to view related information.
    • Product Detail

      Displays details from Product Warehouse Product Setup-Storeroom. This inquiry also shows the product’s net available and on order quantities, including customer-owned and distributor-owned quantities, and ordering points. The Distributor Cost, based on the Customer Mark Up From setting in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom and the associated cost in Product Warehouse Product Setup-Costs, is displayed. The Whse Status identifies the product status, such as Stock, Direct Ship, or Do not Reorder.

    • Storeroom Detail

      Displays details from Product Warehouse Product Setup-Storeroom and the Storeroom Customer Product record.

    • Transactions

      Displays all transactions that include the product, including invoices, receipts, returns, stock adjustments, and unavailable transaction. Displays these details about each transaction, if applicable:

      • Order number
      • Increased or decreased inventory
      • Quantity shipped
      • Date transaction occurred
      • Customer-owned or distributor-owned inventory
      • Module affected
      • Issued to

        This value is based on the Employee field on the issue.

      • Issued by

        This value is based on the user that created the issue.

      • Department
      • Machine

      You can click the order number to access Sales Order Inquiry in Distribution SX.e if drillbacks are enabled for your operator record.

    • Backorders

      Displays open backorders that include the product.

    • Open PO/WTs

      Displays all open purchase orders and warehouse transfers that include the product. The due date for each open PO and WT is displayed so you can determine when the product is arriving in the Storeroom warehouse. Warehouse transfers for the To Warehouse are listed with the From Warehouse shown on each line. You can click the order number to access Purchase Order Inquiry or Transfer Inquiry in Distribution SX.e if you have the security to access these functions.

      Displays customer purchase orders that were manually entered in Customer Product ‘PO’ Edit in Storeroom. The Type of record is req.

    • Whse Availability

      Displays the net availability, including customer- and distributor-owned quantities, of the product in all Storeroom-managed warehouses in which it is set up.

    • Serials

      Displays each serial number that is assigned to the product, and details for each product such as bin location, status, and comments. You can search for a specific serial number or by inventory type, such as available, retired, sold, or unavailable.

    • Lots

      Displays each lot number that is assigned to the product, and these details about each lot:

      • Open date
      • Unavailable reason
      • Expire date
      • Unavailable quantity
      • Comment
      • Status
      • Quantity

      You can search for a specific lot number, or search by expire date or inventory type.

    • Unavailable Reasons

      If a product has unavailable quantities, the reasons and quantities for both customer- and distributor-owned products are displayed. If the product does not have unavailable quantity, this tab is not displayed.

    Note: Although Storeroom tracks which products are owned by the customer or the distributor, product ownership does not extend to the serial or lot number level. For example, Storeroom does not identify if the product that is assigned serial number 1-001 is a customer-owned or distributor-owned product.