Replenishing kits

Usage of prebuilt kits is tracked when they are consumed or sold. Run the KP Entry Recommended Work Orders Report to determine if Storeroom-managed kit products require replenishment. This report analyzes the demand for each kit product with an ARP type of Kit and recommends quantities for replenishment. The KP Entry Recommended Work Orders Report also creates work orders automatically, which are printed on a Storeroom warehouse printer.

If you run the report for review before you run the report to create work orders, a difference in the recommended replenishment quantity may occur between the two reports. This difference can occur if sales or transfer special orders exist for the kit product. Special orders are only included in the On Order quantity when you create work orders.

If you include usage on the report, six months of usage history from Product Warehouse Product Setup is shown for all regular products. The usage that is shown may not equal the usage rate under these circumstances:

  • The usage rate is overridden.
  • The product is frozen, and the usage rate is not calculated.

If the usage was manually overridden, it is shown instead of the usage that was calculated by the Product Administration Month End Processing Report. If an override reason was specified, it is included on the report.