Cycle counts

Cycle counting is a count of random products that is performed routinely to maintain accurate inventory levels. The products to count are determined by the system, but you can select the types of products to include in the count.

When you run the Product Entry Storeroom Count Report in Distribution SX.e, ignore the ranges because a cycle count is a true random, sheet-to-shelf cycle count. The report ranges are used only to print physical count sheets.

For a cycle count, you must select at least one of the Include options to determine what types of products are included in the count. Based on the product types, the Days Between Counts settings in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Storeroom are also considered.

This calculation is used to determine how many products to count:

  • Total number of products of one type / Days Between Counts = Total Number of that product type to count per day
  • Days Per Week (7) / Count Report Cycle Counts Per Week = Days Per Count
  • Total Number of Product Type Per Day * Days Per Count = Total Number of Products On Count

For example, you select Include Critical Products on the Count Report, and you have 200 critical products that you want to count monthly. If you perform your cycle count weekly, you can expect to count 49 critical products per week.

  • Total number of critical products in Storeroom: 200
  • Days Between Counts-Critical Count: 30 (monthly)
  • Total number of products of that type to count each day: 200 / 30 = 7
  • Count Report Cycle Counts Per Week: 1 (one count each 7 days)
  • Total number of that product type to include on count sheets: 7 * 7 = 49