Importing purchase order data

Export a purchase order from Storeroom and then enter data on the CSV file during receiving. Import the file back in to Storeroom to update Storeroom with the receiving information.

  1. In Storeroom, export a purchase order:
    1. Select Receipts > Receiving > PO Receipts.
    2. Specify the warehouse and purchase order number.
    3. On the grid, select Grid Settings > Export to Excel.
    4. Edit the file to reflect the required format and header names.
    5. Save the file to a local directory.
  2. Receive the products. Record the information in the CSV file.
  3. To import the data:
    1. Select Receipts > Receiving > PO Receipts.
    2. Click Import.
    3. Click the folder icon in the Import File field to locate the file.
    4. Click Read and Validate File.