Count sheets

To print count sheets, run the Cycle Count Report in Storeroom or the Product Entry Storeroom Count Report in Distribution SX.e. These reports create internal count records and provide count data to Storeroom.

When you run the Product Entry Storeroom Count Report or the Cycle Count Report, a run number is assigned and included on all counts sheets. The warehouse that is specified on the reports is used to find an available run number. The warehouse, in conjunction with the company, is used to determine if a run number is used on existing count records.

Because only 999 run numbers are available per warehouse, the search for an available run number is now limited to 999 numbers. If all numbers are in use for the warehouse, then this message is displayed on the report:

See Administrator - All Run Numbers Are In Use For This Warehouse

To show expected quantities on the count sheets, Show Expected must be selected for physical and cycle counts in Product Warehouse Description Setup-Count. You can print count sheets for customer-owned products, distributor-owned products, or both. Products that have only customer-owned balances create count records marked as C-type.

Count sheets are printed in bin location order.